GOT7’s Jay B Reveals Which Of His Stage Outfits He Considers To Be Legendary

Let’s be honest, they’re all legendary!

For fans, picking one legendary stage costume from the GOT7 members is a thing hard to do; however, for the group’s leader Jay B, he knew exactly which stage look he considered to legendary.

In a recent Q&A interview with Singles Korea, Jay B was asked which of his stage outfits he felt was legendary: “This is a legend on stage! Was there a stage costume that you thought was legendary that you picked?”

While he hesitated a bit at first…

…he ultimately decided on his 2020 MAMA Award look!

It certainly was a gorgeous outfit. Just look how amazing he looks in it!

The interviewer then asked whether it’s a look he would show off to his future child: “Later when you become a father, it was something that you can show to your child saying, ‘I was this kind of person.’

Jay B’s reaction was absolutely adorable and explained that despite it being one of his favorite outfits, he would not show it to his child.

The interviewer questioned why he wouldn’t show it off to his child if he considered it to be legendary. Jay B got shy and shared that the outfit was too much to show to a child.

It’s because I had decorated myself too much…I had to decorate myself…Oh…Our stylist at the time was very detailed! The costume was very fancy and pretty. But to show it to a child is…It can be too much.

— Jay B

Instead, Jay B commented, Oh! if I want to show something to my child, rather than that, I think I would show a photo of myself at the Saint Laurent show. ‘I did something like this.'”

Jay B at “YSL SS20 Menswear Show” | @GOT7Official/Twitter

Although Jay B pinpointed one outfit as legendary, I think we can all agree Jay B makes every outfit legendary!

Check out the video below: