GOT7’s Jinyoung Once Again Shows His Love-Hate Relationship With Yugyeom— And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Jinyoung had a lot to say about Yugyeom. 😂

GOT7‘s Jinyoung played the “Balance Game” with W KOREA, and we can’t stop laughing at his answers.

| W KOREA/YouTube

Fans sent in what essentially are “Would You Rather” questions, and they were certainly creative. For instance, one of them being “taking care of 50 children for a day” vs “taking care of 10 Yugyeoms for a day”.

He had a quick and sure response, so the staff wondered if he would also pick 10 children over 1 Yugyeom. And his answer perfectly summed up his love-hate relationship with the maknae.

Let’s just say that he has…strong feelings about the matter.

The next question asked if Jinyoung would rather live life as Jay B‘s cat, BamBam‘s cat, Mark‘s dog, Youngjae‘s dog, or Yugyeom’s dog. He chose BamBam’s cat because “he’s always living the life of a celebrity, so I think he’d be more comfortable to be with.” You can guess which option he chose as the least favorable…

Even though it’s not a jab at Yugyeom per se, it somehow still felt like one. The next question was quite interesting and difficult: 1 year of BamBam always saying “skrrt skrrt” instead of goodbye vs. 1 year of Yugyeom saying “easy~” instead of goodbye. Ultimately, he chose BamBam.

While Jinyoung always seems to play the part of “tired older brother who is done with their younger brother’s antics”, he will forever have a soft spot for Yugyeom, that’s for sure.