GOT7’s Jinyoung Has Some Savage Advice For His Character On “Yumi’s Cells” Yoo Ba Bi

Yoo Ba Bi, just why!?

K-Drama Yumi’s Cells has just wrapped up its second season. In the second season, we saw Yu Mi date her colleague, Yoo Ba Bi. They have some lovey-dovey days together until they both move down to Jeju Island when Ba Bi is transferred to a branch there.


Young and adorable intern, Da Eun, shakes Ba Bi’s heart a little with her confession. He fails to tell Yu Mi about the confession before she accidentally hears about it from Da Eun.

The two break up and spend some miserable days.

Later on, Ba Bi apologizes and they get back together. They even get engaged and spend blissful days together once more.

One day, Yu Mi sees that Ba Bi receives a call from Da Eun. He has failed to delete her number in time. She realizes that she no longer loves him any more and the trust they have is broken.

Although Yu Mi and Ba Bi end on good terms in the drama, his character swiftly became highly hated by fans for how he hid the truth from Yu Mi. It seems like the actor playing Ba Bi, GOT7‘s Jinyoung, is also aware of how disliked his character is. During a recent interview, he had some savage words of advice for Ba Bi.

What can I even say to you? There’s something called, you reap what you sow. If it’s a matter that cropped up because of yourself, then you should know how to take responsibility for it. I know that with your personality, you tried your best to do so, but the end result was quite regrettable. Well, I hope you live a good life. Ba Bi, stay strong.

— Jinyoung

Jinyoung basically said what every single viewer wanted to say. You got your just desserts, Ba Bi!

Yumi’s Cells has just concluded its second season but fans already want more. Regarding that, the production team stated that they would need to revisit the topic after a much-deserved rest.