GOT7’s Mark Is Better At Promoting His Group Than His Label So Fans Want Him To Be “Manager”

Main rapper, vocalist and manager?

GOT7 fans recently made headlines because they have been fed up with the lack of album promotions by the group’s label, JYP Entertainment. Well, it looks like someone took that upon themselves and it was none other than GOT7 member, Mark!

The main rapper took it upon himself to promote his group’s album on his personal Instagram page and he’s doing an incredible job! The boy group member has taken his time to upload all the teaser photos leading up to the album release, as well as photos of the song’s current ranking on music charts.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark had no problem uploading teaser photos leading up to the boy group’s album release, pumping up fans to get excited since no one else was doing it for them, and rightfully so. The members took part in creating this album themselves and they should be incredibly proud of their hard work coming to fruition!

| @marktuan/Instagram

While Mark has been busy promoting his group, it’s been noticed by netizens that the official Instagram account for JYP Entertainment has not had a single GOT7 post regarding their album. It’s actually been quite a while since their label has posted anything about them.

| @jypentertainment/Instagram

Even more baffling is the fact that the official GOT7 Instagram page also has not stepped up to promote the boy group’s album. Their last post was made on October 14th and it had nothing to do with their upcoming album release.

| @got7.with.igot7/Instagram

While fans have been extremely disappointed with JYP, it seems like Mark has swooped in to save the day because he is doing a wonderful job promoting his group! Fans have noticed his superior job at not only being a rapper and vocalist for the group but also with his newfound title as the interim “manager”. Here’s what some of the fans had to say on his Instagram comments:

  • “Mark CEO of promoting GOT7”
  • “I stan Manager Tuan”
  • “Hands down to this man who’s promoting his group instead of the entertainment”
  • “Love u Manager Mark”
| Ceci China

Wow, we are loving all the love Mark is getting! We also love that he stepped up and took matters into his own hands after being let down by his label. While many are disappointed in JYP’s lack of promotion, we couldn’t be more proud of Mark and his leadership abilities.

| JYP Entertainment

The boys of GOT7 just released the music video for their new song “LAST PIECE” on November 30th. Be sure to shower it with some major love by checking it out down below!