GOT7’s Mark Noticed Yugyeom Falling Asleep While Standing Up And His Reaction Is Everything

Mark had the best reaction:

Sleep waits for no one and when it hit GOT7‘s Yugyeom while he was standing, Mark had the best reaction ever! Yugyeom and JB were seen at the airport getting ready to depart for their JUS2 concert, with Mark joining them once again to take on the role of MC.

There’s one moment in particular that fans couldn’t get over. While Mark, Yugyeom, and JB were standing in line Yugyeom had a wave of sleepiness come over him and slowly started to drift off into sleep.

Noticing Yugyeom’s sleepy state, Mark quickly moved around to catch him!

Mark’s quick actions and Yugyeom’s sleepy state have been making fans feel some serious uwu that that just can’t help showing!

Who knew falling asleep standing up could be so adorable!