GOT7’s Mark Reveals How Free He Feels Now After Leaving JYP Entertainment

Mark reveals how it was “pretty suffocating” for him before.

In an interview with The Associated Press, GOT7‘s Mark revealed how hard it was to work as a musician under an agency.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark revealed that there are many restrictions in an agency, and limits on how to express oneself.

There’s an image you have to live up to. It’s really hard to like, express yourself, and do what you want to do, just because you also have the agency or the label telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.


He also shared that being in that sort of environment was “pretty suffocating” for him, but now that his contract with JYP Entertainment has ended, Mark now feels “super free.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark has already released his own music after GOT7’s contract ended, and we can’t wait to see and hear what else he has in store!

Source: Twitter