GOT7’s Mark Tuan Imitates Ahgase’s Phone Lockscreen Because It’s Yugyeom

He loves imitating Yugyeom!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan hilariously imitated an Ahgase’s (also known as iGOT7, GOT7’s fandom) phone wallpaper… because it was of Yugyeom!

GOT7’s Yugyeom (left) and Mark Tuan (right)

Currently, Mark Tuan is on his 2022 the other side North American Tour, and one of his recent stops was San Francisco.

During the concert, Mark took some Ahgases’ phones to take a selfie for them. Previously, he did this at a concert when he found out fans had been scammed for VVIP tickets.

But when he took one of the Ahgases’ phones, he saw a familiar face. It was GOT7’s maknae Yugyeom as the phone lockscreen picture.

So, he attempted to imitate the picture. Yet, he couldn’t keep a straight face!

The eldest and youngest GOT7 members have a history of imitating each other…

But Mark especially loves to tease the maknae by imitating him!

Watch Mark imitating Yugyeom on the Ahgase’s phone lockscreen below.


Side note, MARK WAS HOLDING MY FILM CAMERA ON THE LEFT SIDE. Hopefully it turned out good 🥺 #kpop #marktuan #갓세븐 #yugyeom #ahgase #fyp #kpopconcert

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