GOT7’s Mark Tuan Is The Main Event At “YSL Rive Droite Art Basel Miami Beach 2021”

He ALWAYS understands every fashion assignment!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan recently traveled from his home state of California all the way to Florida…

The reason why? He’s attending Saint Laurent‘s event, YSL Rive Droite Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.

| @saskialawaks/Instagram

Saint Laurent’s Artistic Director Anthony Vaccarello has been anticipating his arrival too, and we can understand why… It’s Mark Tuan we’re talking about here!

| @anthonyvaccarello/Instagram

Sure the event itself is fascinating…

…and the venue truly looks amazing…

| @saskialawaks/Instagram

But we know that the real main event here is none other than Mark Tuan himself! Everyone say thank you once again to Will Chan, creative director, and bestie, for giving us amazing Mark pictures all of the time.

Mark Tuan at “Saint Laurent Rive Droite Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.” | @willgyc/Instagram

Mark steals the show wherever he goes as he always understands the assignment, especially when it comes to all things fashion. We haven’t forgotten about 2021 Paris Fashion Week.

No one can match him. He stands out in a crowd everywhere.

Mark Tuan (center). | @anthonyvaccarello/Instagram

Can we talk about this outfit, please? Look at how it reveals just enough skin to showcase his tattoos!

The original outfit comes from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2022 Menswear Collection and actually reveals even more skin. He just added a tank top.

Ahgases agree that Mark, without a doubt, is the star of the show here. If he’s not your bias already, he’s surely wrecking everyone right now!

Source: @willgyc and @jbdefsyg

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