GOT7’s Mark Tuan Takes A “Thirsty” Fan Too Seriously

He might have misunderstood what she meant…

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan took a “thirsty” fan a little too literally…

GOT7’s Mark Tuan (center) in San Francisco | @dnaofficial/Twitter

Mark recently performed in San Francisco as part of his 2022 the other side North American Tour. 


Tanner (@YienMahHeart on Twitter) went to the concert with a sign that read “MARK HELP! I’M THIRSTY” alongside an iconic meme of Mark drinking a bit bottle of water during one of his Twitch streams.

Tanner | @YienMahHeart/Twitter

Mark noticed the sign in the crowd. Out of concern, he ordered the staff to get her some water.


Sure enough, one of the security guards handed her a cup of water almost immediately after. So, she enjoyed the water as Mark continued talking with fans.


Tanner hadn’t expected Mark to take her so seriously! But now, thinking about it, it’s a good idea for future concerts to have one side of a sign with a message for help or water just in case there’s an emergency.

Watch the video below.

Source: YienMahHeart

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