GOT7 Work So Hard That They Had A Meeting About Their Comeback Album In The Middle Of A Photoshoot

It shows how much they wanted to make this comeback happen.

GOT7 prove they are the most hardworking people as a new log from the production of their recent comeback album shows the members having a meeting in the middle of a photoshoot.

GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

It’s no secret that making their 2022 comeback, GOT7, was not easy. Making a comeback is already a lot of work by default, yet the members had been busy with their own solo careers for a year before GOT7 happened.

Not only that but they were spread out in different countries, so making the time to come back to Korea was a difficult decision. Yet, according to Jackson Wang, he ultimately felt like it was the right one, as GOT7 is like family and they had to do it together.

Because of this comeback album, I was off schedule for 3 months. It’s not easy to take 3 months off when you have your own plans to some extent. Even though it was not easy, I saw that I had to do it. Because you can’t forget what’s important. It’s easy to say, but we all have one mind, but things are complicated now that we’re in different companies. This is a family.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang | @GOT7/Twitter

Due to their busy schedules, the members were forced to produce the album in the space of 3 months, which was the time they had to record, film, choreograph, practice, and do all the things that need doing to make an album happen.

In fact, they worked so hard during the little time they had, that they were working even while they were working! Their latest behind-the-scenes log shows the members and their staff having a conference while on set for their concept photo shoot.

| GOT7/YouTube 

They seemed to be discussing finalizing the tracklist…

…as well as the choreography they would have to learn to go with it.

The meeting seemed to take place in between different takes, as the members continued to discuss the tracklist away from the conference table as well.

GOT7 continues to prove that they really went above and beyond to make their comeback happen, and Ahgases couldn’t be more proud. And, of course, they also couldn’t be more appreciative of the looks the members served while working hard!

Watch the full clip on the link below!

Source: YouTube