JYP’s New Restriction For GOT7 Fansign Interactions Is Upsetting Fans

This “no touch” ban is hard on fans and the members.

A new fansign rule is leaving many Ahgases disappointed and heartbroken.


On May 25, GOT7 held a fansign in honor of their comeback. Unlike their previous fansigns, a new “no touch” ban was put in place for this event. Because of this new rule, the members were not allowed to give skinship to their fans, including high fives and handshakes.


The ban was put in place as part of JYP Entertainment‘s proactive attempts to protect GOT7’s safety. It comes just a few weeks after the agency updated their blacklist standards to better safeguard the members’ privacy and personal rights.


Although fans agree that safety comes first, many were heartbroken over the ban. Fansigns are the only time when fans are able to interact with their idols one-on-one, up close and personal.


Fans weren’t the only ones struggling with the new rules though. Even the members had to stop themselves from touching their fans. When Jackson reached out to his fan, he abruptly stopped, remembering the new rule.


Jinyoung had to replace a high five with an air five as security stood behind himself, closely monitoring the interaction.


Many disappointed fans have found the looming security presence intimidating. They also feel that banning physical contact at a fansign makes no sense, especially since the members are often the ones who initiate contact.


In response, JYP Entertainment has issued an apology, which explained that the ban had been put in place due to “excessive requests and physical contacts” in the past.  Fans who attended the May 25th event will be invited to attend a make-up fansign on June 22.  Those who can’t attend will receive a gift as compensation. There is no mention of the ban being lifted in this apology, but there’s a possibility that the “no touch” rule may be more relaxed at the new fan sign.