GOT7 Receives The 2019 South Korea Service Award Due To Outstanding Community Service

Congrats to GOT7!

GOT7 had the honor to receive the 2019 South Korea Service Award for the second time in a row.


On October 5, the United Nations Volunteers Korea acknowledged GOT7 for their service to the local community.

The 2019 Korea Service Awards took place at the KBS Art Hall in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism, and the Ministry of National Defense, along with government departments and subcommittees.



GOT7 received both the 2019 South Korea Service Award and the National Assembly of Foreign Affairs Award.



After receiving the award, GOT7 commented, “We are truly honored to receive this meaningful award. We have received so much love as GOT7, and we used that love and support to give back to those that are in need.”




Going forward, we hope to continue to be a group that can send hope and be a good influence on others. Once again, thank you so much.

— GOT7




GOT7 has been the ambassadors for the Fire Department for the last two years as well as ambassadors for the Korea Youth Federation, G+Star Zone donation, and the letter of appreciation competition.



Recently, they have been at the forefront of supporting the dreams of children with incurable diseases by inviting them to their performances.

They also released their new album, Call My Name, with the title song, “You Calling My Name,” on November 4.



Source: sbs fun e


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