GOT7’s Youngjae Personally Asks ITZY’s Ryujin About The Time She Went To Their Fanmeeting Predebut

Cuteness overload!

On an episode of Idol Radio that aired on the 18th of August, GOT7‘s Youngjae, as the MC of the radio show, along with DAY6‘s YoungK, came across a comment on the live message board that mentioned how ITZY‘s Ryujin was cast.

Youngjae proceeded to ask Ryujin, if she really did go to their fanmeeting back then. He expressed that he was really curious about this, and even asked her if she likes all 7 members! Ryujin confirmed that she did indeed attend one of their earlier fanmeetings, and answered affirmative that she was an all-fan.

Ryujin revealed that she entered the fandom in the first year of middle school. Youngjae asked her expectantly for her first bias in the group, to which she smartly replied that as a fan, you shouldn’t have favorites!

YoungK pointed out that it’s possible for your first bias and top bias to be different, as who draws you into the fandom can be different from your ult! Ryujin shared that the fanmeeting she went to specifically, was the one from their first year anniversary, around the time “Stop stop it” was promoting. Youngjae hilariously replied that that was the period he wasn’t handsome.

The corner ended off with both agreeing to cheer on each other’s teams, and Youngjae thanked her for her support! If Ryujin isn’t the most successful fan, we don’t know who is! Check out the full episode below.