GOT7’s BamBam Ended All Fanwars With One Interview Answer

BamBam shut down fanwars when he said this.

GOT7‘s BamBam completely shut down fanwars during a Billboard interview when he talked about how the K-Pop community is “one big family”.

GOT7 were in New York as part of their “EYES ON YOU” tour in July 2018, performing at the historic Barclay Centre.

When host Jeff Benjamin asked GOT7’s opinion on the way the K-Pop industry is influencing the world, BamBam responded with a comment that reminded fans that groups work together to promote K-Pop as a family.

You know we do a lot of arenas, right? Some places we’re the first K-Pop group that can perform there and they get sold out, and it’s an honor.

As a K-Pop artist, I feel like another group can get some energy from us too.

K-pop is not just gossip – we’re all family. Like, other groups, even if we’re from different companies. So we can all make K-Pop bigger so another group can come and perform here too.

— BamBam

He wasn’t sure if his point was being made, so trailed off with, “I hope they can get some energy from us… I don’t know what I’m saying, do you understand what I’m saying?

Fans are praising BamBam for his intelligent answer and genuine delivery.

  • “We get what you’re saying BamBam. So many of these groups have solidarity with each other and want to see each other succeed. Too bad certain fans (which exist in every fandom) don’t think the same way.”
  • “The rise of K-POP, the rise of our fave groups. It’s a win for all of our faves and the fans. Well said Bammie.”
  • “He’s always been a sweetheart. Honestly, as much as he gets out of hand at times he comes off as one of the most genuine of the boys.”
  • “An intellectual. Bambam’s such a sweetheart indeed.”
  • “So cute!”
  • “When he said ‘you understand what I’m saying?!'”

On the other hand, there are others who believe his sentiment is a bit unrealistic because of the nature of the K-Pop industry.

I love the feels of this thread but K-Pop’s community can not be united. K-Pop’s fandom culture is not appropriate for peace and love. The competition is endless, too much savage and ruthless competition besides countless fanwars.

— Netizen

No matter your opinion on the industry, there’s no denying GOT7’s amazingly positive and thankful attitude. Check out their full Billboard interview here: