GOT7’s BamBam Said His Favorite Artist Is Ozuna And Now He Is The Most Successful Fanboy Ever

Did somebody say collaboration?

GOT7 is currently in the middle of their 2019 World Tour where the members have been able to meet their fans from all across the world.

At the concert in Mexico City, BamBam revealed to fans in his ending speech that his favorite artist is Latin pop superstar Ozuna.

Ozuna has achieved acclaim as one of the most internationally successful artists, having won two Billboard Music Awards and is the artist with the most 1 billion-view music videos on YouTube.

Fans have been abuzz with a potential for a collaboration between these two internationally recognised artists, and it looks like they may have made BamBam the most successful fanboy ever!

Ozuna retweeted a tweet from a fan that expressed that he was BamBam’s favorite artist and that BamBam hoped to collaborate with him.

What’s even better was that soon after, Ozuna followed BamBam on Twitter, and currently, BamBam is the only person Ozuna follows.

BamBam has visibly been shocked at his success as a fanboy and expressed his gratitude on Twitter to his favorite artist.

Furthermore, BamBam has also been trending across Latin America, including in Colombia and Argentina, following the news that Ozuna may be interested in a collaboration!

Undoubtedly, BamBam is experiencing one of the greatest days of his life, after being recognised by his favorite artist.

And it’s all thanks to social media and fandom power!