GOT7’s BamBam Drops A Surprise Teaser, And Now Fans Have Questions

We need answers!

GOT7‘s BamBam has given fans a surprise by dropping a mysterious teaser captioned, “MOVING TEASER.”

The post immediately got BamBam trending on Twitter…and it got fans asking questions.

Mainly, fans can’t help but speculate whether this indicates an upcoming comeback. After all, BamBam’s solo debut album, riBBon, came out in June of 2021, meaning that he could already be gearing up for his first solo comeback. As a matter of fact, some fans are already preparing!

In any case, we are about to get something new from BamBam and that is already very exciting. And if there is a chance that the GOT7 members will reunite to support him like they did for Youngjae, then we are here for it.


Source: Twitter