GOT7’s Jackson Takes Over The U.S. Market With 10 Wins On Billboard Charts

Jackson has been seen all over the charts with his solo comeback.

GOT7’s Jackson released his solo album, Mirrors, on October 25 and has been making a winning streak on the Billboard charts.




On November 5, he ranked 32 on the Billboard 200 chart, number 1 on the Billboard Independent Album chart, number 2 on the Billboard Rap Album Sales Chart, and number 3 on the Billboard Digital Album Chart.

He also ranked high for the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart, Top Current Album Chart, Top Rap Album Chart, Top R&B/Hip-hop Album Chart, and more.




He also made it onto the charts not only for his album but as an artist. He took first place on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart and number 39 on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart.




Last year, Jackson collaborated with Fendi and released the song, “Fendiman,” which topped the U.S. iTunes Chart this past May. His first solo track, “PAPILLION” and second single track, “Okay,” was also seen topping China’s QQ Music chart as well.




He is also known for fashion sense and has received many offers from popular brands all over the world. He has been the Chinese model for Armani fragrances as well as the image icon for Fendi and Cartier.



Take a look at his title track “TITANIC” music video below:

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