GOT7’s Mark Earned Over $100,000 In 8 Hours For The Lipstick He Endorses

His power ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿค‘

GOT7‘s Mark is a certified top endorser with his lipstick deal in China selling out repeatedly!


Mark was announced as the face of “Lip Tiara” from Mentholatum in late December. He specifically endorses shades V02 (a velvety cherry red) and G05 (a glossy berry red).

lip tiara2

Just a few hours after the lipstick was launched, IGOT7 noticed that the product was completely sold out in Chinese retailer Tmall, the main branch ofย Mentholatum.



They restocked the lipsticks repeatedly, only for it to be sold out each time.

With Mark’s influence, the brand reportedlyย sold around 7,500 lipstick in just eight hours, totaling nearly half a million Chinese yuan or about $145,000 USD.

lip tiara sales

Fans were definitely impressed!

Congratulations, Mark!


Source: Allure
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