GOT7’s Mark and Jackson announce JYP’s 2014 Chinese Auditions

JYP Entertainment is holding their first round of Chinese auditions for 2014, and Mark and Jackson have been featured in a video to give K-Pop trainee hopefuls all the information on how to apply. 

Known as one of the more diverse K-Pop groups, GOT7‘s Mark and Jackson, who are both fluent in Mandarin, have made an announcement video for all of the people who aspire to become K-Pop idols from China. 

Both members of the rookie group speak Mandarin, as Mark is a Taiwanese-American while Jackson is a Hong Kong native. In addition, both Mark and Jackson are prime examples of success stories from JYP Entertainment’s overseas auditions, as Mark was scouted in the States while Jackson auditioned in China. 

The auditions will be held on November 23rd in Beijing at the Chinese Cultural Center, November 29-30th in Shenzhen at the Korean International School, and lastly on December 6-7th in Shanghai at the Korean Culture Center and Museum. 

Jackson eagerly informs viewers that applications can be found on “China’s biggest Music website, YinYueTai” at He further states “Don’t wait any longer! Apply now and make your dreams a reality. GOT7 supports you! JYP supports you!” while Mark gives an encouraging “FIGHTING!” 

Recently, GOT7 celebrated their 300th day since their debut in January and are now busy preparing for their 3rd comeback of the year (not including their Japanese debut this past fall), with their first full length album Identify which will be released online on November 18th and offline on November 20th. The boys have already released image teasers and three video teasers (1, 2, 3) for the title track “Stop Stop It” which features leader JB going head over heels for girl who befriends him. The music video for “Stop Stop It” will be released on November 17th, and details regarding gaining tickets to attend their showcase, which will be held at AX Korea later that same day, have been released as well. 

Check out the video below and sign up for your audition today!