H1GHR MUSIC Drop New Video Teaser With Hints About Upcoming Artist And Fans Are Already Making Predictions

Who could it be?

On May 6, H1GHR MUSIC dropped a new teaser video teasing that a new member of their record label would be announced!

In the video, several H1GHR MUSIC artists react to the news that a new member would be joining their record label. The reactions ranged from surprise, excitement and the idea that this artist fits perfectly with the label.

They then had a look at the artist’s Instagram page, and this might have given some clues to who they could have been talking about. DJ SMMT gave more hints explaining, “Lips are very attractive. Eyes are very sexy.

Artist pH-1 also made fans curious after saying that he is excited to collaborate with this artist.

With the announcement set for 6 PM (KST) on May 11, fans already have their FBI hats on trying to guess who it could be! Despite denying the rumors, one of the guesses is GOT7‘s Jay B from the descriptions and hints throughout the video.

With a few days left until the artist is revealed, who do you think the newest H1GHR MUSIC signee could be?