H1GHR MUSIC Releases Official Statement Regarding GOT7 Jay B’s Posters Of Artistic Nudity Shown On Live Stream

His agency explained the posters.

GOT7‘s Jay B was recently thrown into the spotlight when he held a live stream on Instagram. During the live broadcast, on the wall behind him were a few photographs of varying degrees of female nudity. Fans quickly noticed the matter and grew worried as minors could be tuning in to the broadcast as well. Jay B himself is a fully legal adult who receives inspiration from various pieces of art.

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Jay B’s new agency, H1GHR MUSIC has released an official apology and statement. They informed fans that the photographs in question were taken by a famous fashion photographer. Jay B also regularly receives inspiration from art and photography.

The full statement can be read below.

Hello. This is Jay B’s agency, H1GHR MUSIC. Firstly, we sincerely apologize for concerning fans.

On the regular, Jay B himself holds photography exhibitions and fans would already well-know the fact that he takes photographs that are on par with professional photographers. Apart from music, he has been expressive about his interest in areas of art and photography and has also developed his personal talent in various aspects of art.

Jay B has expressed that he regularly receives inspiration from various photographs’ tones and moods. In particular, regarding the photographs that were shown on the live broadcast, they are pieces that were by a fashion photographer, who worked on them with various famous local artists.

However, we apologize sincerely to fans and the public for not being cautious about the fact that there would be people of various age ranges tuning in to the live broadcast by Jay B and H1GHR MUSIC, resulting in a portion of the photos being shown.

In the future, we will put in more detailed efforts to become the Jay B and H1GHR MUSIC that will repay the fans’ support.


Source: Sports Kyunghyang