[★VIDEO] Haha gets shy and awkward with his wife as a partner in “Running Man” couple race

It has been revealed that Haha and Byul will be partners in the upcoming episode of Running Man where the couples race will cover the theme of “Love and War.”

When singer Byul is introduced as a guest, she animatedly shouts “Yeobu [Honey]!” causing Haha to immediately become shy and awkward. His fellow Running Man castmates took note of the sudden character change and point out that, “Haha has suddenly become awkward now!

However, with a competition prize on the line, Haha and Byul easily became one as they aim for victory during this special couples race. Byul continuously encouraged her husband saying, “Honey! Think of our Dream!” referring to their son who will turn two years old this summer. It seems that her encouragement was effective since those on set seemed to be surprised with Haha’s improved performance during the episode.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Running Man on June 14th to see if this married couple conquered all and make it to victory!

Source: Newsen