Ham So Won Under Suspicions For Fabricating Her Husband Jinhua’s Family Background And Riches For Television

Viewers are suspicious.

TV personality and actress Ham So Won gained fame for her marriage to a Chinese man 18 years younger than her. Not only was her husband Jinhua known for his past as an idol trainee, Ham So Won also often bragged about her husband’s family on broadcast. The Korean public thus came to know of him as a Chinese chaebol.

However, the public is currently in high suspicion after a netizen came out with accusations that Ham So Won had fabricated her husband’s family background. Ham So Won and Jinhua are consistent guests on Taste of Wife, a show that documents family life. Firstly, it was alleged that the couple’s luxury marriage home in Guangzhou was merely a property on rental lease for about $2000 USD per month.

The interior of the rental apartment was left exactly as it was during the show.

Next, the huge house her in-laws owned as a holiday pension was found out to have been an Airbnb rental. Not only are the furniture and photographs featured on the show reflected on the Airbnb listing…

…the rental page on Airbnb even advertised that a Korean television show came to film at the location.

It was also claimed on the show that Jinhua was the CEO of a clothing company with a hundred employees. Through the show, Jinhua appeared unaccustomed to managing the employees, leading viewers to suspect that he may or may not be the actual CEO of the company. Viewers also called up the factory to ask if it was owned by Jinhua, and the factory confirmed that Jinhua did not own the company.

The final straw was the house that Ham So Won’s in-laws had recently promised to purchase for her on the show. Netizens uncovered that Ham So Won had in fact, already bought the house years ago.

| Maeil Kyungje

This is not her family’s first controversy. Previously, netizens were suspicious that Taste of Wife was scripted when the couple’s toddler faced a sudden high fever and Jinhua had to rush her to the hospital unexpectedly. However, cameras were already set up in the hospital and doctor’s room.

The issue is fast becoming large in South Korea, with half a million views on the exposé video and over 500 comments on an online community post about the same content. The video can be viewed below.

Source: theqoo