Here’s What Han Choim’s Dress Looked Like Before She Tailored It

A drastic change was made to the dress.

Camila‘s Han Choim recently appeared on an episode of Access Showbiz Tonight and revealed more about the dress she wore to the Seoul Music Awards.


The dress became a big issue as many netizens thought it was “too much” or “inappropriate” and criticized her for it.

Han Choim Talks About Negative Comments, Reveals Story Behind Revealing SMA Dress


Han Choim brought the infamous dress to the scene of the interview and shared the story behind how it came to be.


The idol had apparently seen the dress online and was able to buy it at a bargain for 90,000 won ($80 USD) through an acquaintance.


She explained that inner piece was originally a longer dress but it looked plain and seemed lacking in something.


As a result, she ended up cutting off the entire bottom part to create a piece that’s similar to a body suit.


So why did she choose to select such a revealing dress despite the freezing cold weather? Han Choim thought of the situation as the ultimate opportunity to promote her group.

“I received such a good opportunity and I thought it would be perfect to promote Camila using this opportunity so I didn’t even worry about being cold and did my best to prepare for the event.”


In fact, choosing an unconventional dress style for the red carpet is a tactic that many rookie celebrities have used in the past to promote their names.


In the end, Han Choim apologized to those who may have taken offense at her dress and promised to do her best for Camila. Watch the full video below:


Source: Dispatch