Han Ye Seul Shuts Down Haters Who Criticize Her Bold New Looks With Class And Wisdom

She’s the lifestyle inspiration we all need!

Actress Han Ye Seul has been experimenting with bold new looks that stray away from the standard “actress image” in the Korean entertainment industry.

She recently unveiled a new nose ring with a heavy, smoky look at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards.

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Han Ye Seul has always been a fashion icon and named one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. In the past, she usually chose relatively calm looks that were closer to the standard actress image as she chose simple accent pieces to accentuate her bold personality.


But she’s recently been testing out completely new looks that are eccentric, unique, and absolutely stunning!

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Netizens couldn’t handle the queen breaking out of the norm and criticized her looks as “too much” and claimed she should stop experimenting with new looks.


But the queen had more important things to worry about than pay attention to the haters. She’s focusing solely on self love and development! She recently opened up in an interview where she explained why she decided to try out completely new looks.

No matter what it may be, I just wanted to try new things. I’ve been walking the same path for the past 20 years, and I want to try anything new. I want to try living a new life.

I want to leave moments of all different sides to myself when I’m even a bit younger, prettier, and beautiful.

— Han Ye Seul


She wants people to find their own color, style, and identity, and continue pursuing it without any regards towards other peoples’ perception and judgement.

[My mindset is to] continue going where you want to go without getting hindered by what people think or how they perceive you.

People who embrace their own color and looks to perfectly stand alone by themselves are those who truly know how to age well.

— Han Ye Seul


Han Ye Seul proves once again that she’s not just a fashion icon but an icon of self-loving lifestyle. Here’s to more beautiful new looks by Han Ye Seul in 2020!

Source: Osen