Hani bursts into tears after hearing her mother’s voice on “My Little Television”

EXID‘s Hani was unable to hold back her tears after hearing her mother’s voice on the latest episode of MBC‘s My Little Television.

Aired on May 30th, Hani, Baek Jong Won, Kim Gura, Hong Jin Kyung, and Jung Jun Young took on the challenge of broadcasting over the internet and attracting the most viewers on the variety show.

For this broadcast, Hani invited fellow EXID member LE and popular songwriter Shinsadong Tiger as her guests. During the episode, Shinsadong Tiger made a phone call who turned out to be Hani’s mother.

A smile on Hani immediately appeared on her face. As the songwriter and producer asked Hani’s mother what her daughter’s shortcomings were, Hani began shedding tears from simply hearing her mother’s voice.

My Little Television airs every Saturday at 11:15pm KST.

Source: iMBC