Hani playfully asks Jackson to come sleep with her on “Law of the Jungle”

On the most recent airing of Law of the Jungle, a scene between EXID‘s Hani and GOT7‘s Jackson has brought a lot of attention from viewers.

Aired on September 18th, Law of the Jungle and Kim Byung Man‘s team for this season consisted of Hyun Joo Yup, Kim Dong Hyun, Hani, Jo Han Sun, Choi Woo Sik, and Jackson – visited Nicaragua as they toughed it out in the wild.

As Hani settled to sleep in her warm tent that the other members set up for her, she voices out her apologies to the others who will be sleeping out in the open air. Jackson walked up to her area to check on her, saying, “If nuna sleeps alone…” prompting Hani to say in a flirty but playful teasing tone, “Do you want to sleep with me?”

Jackson immediately answered, “No,” adding that, “If we do that we’ll be top the portal searches.”

Law of the Jungle is a program that follows a group surviving out in nature and airs every Friday at 10pm KST.

Source: TV Report