Heechul reveals why he dropped out of “War of Words” and responds to unfollowing Sulli on SNS

Everyone was surprised when Heechul, known for his honesty and sharp tongue, dropped out of War of Words last year, and he reveals the reason why he opted out of the show recently.

Super Junior made a guest appearance on the July 15th episode of Radio Star – of which member Kyuhyun regularly MCs – and Heechul was approached with a question regarding f(x) member Sulli, who has been getting attention for her rumored withdrawal from the girl group.

Heechul responded, “I withdrew doing ‘War of Words’ to avoid talking about Sulli, but now you’re asking me about her here,” making the studio laugh.

Regarding the recent attention brought upon himself and f(x)’s Amber after it was found out the two no longer followed Sulli’s personal Instagram, the Super Junior member stated, “Our SNS often gets hacked. So at the time, all my followers were lost”

“Sulli told me about all the articles regarding the unfollowing and I read the comments that said, ‘If Heechul unfollowed her, she’s not human,'” giving a look of regret.

He was then asked about the present condition of Sulli and Choiza‘s relationship, to which Heechul retorted, “Just ask Gaeko. Isn’t that such a stubborn thing to say,” and laughed.

Leeteuk added, “We really don’t know.”

Currently, Super Junior is beginning to promote their new title track “Devil” from their recently released special album of the same name.

Source: X Sports News and MBN