Heize Reveals How She Feels About Having Actor Song Joong Ki Star In Her Music Video

We can’t wait to see how things “HAPPENed”!

It was previously reported that actor Song Joong Ki would be starring in singer-songwriter, Heize‘s new music video. Heize’s CEO, PSY of P Nation, graciously thanked the actor for taking time out to make things HAPPEN.

| @42spy42/Instagram

Heize will be dropping her latest EP, HAPPEN, on May 20, 2021. Prior to the launch, she shared her thoughts through a virtual press conference.

Regarding Song Joong Ki’s appearance in her title track’s music video, Heize shared that she was immensely grateful to the actor. During the music video filming, it seems that Heize was worried any interaction would disturb the professional actor at work.

Song Joong Ki, who acts really well, starred in my music video. I was really worried that I would disturb him as Song Joong Ki sunbaenim was trying to understand the scenes and how he would act out his facial expressions, so I worried by myself a lot. He is someone who came to help me, and I was afraid I would in fact be disturbing him. However, apart from that, it was an honor and I am so grateful.

— Heize

This is Heize’s first release after joining her new company, and also marks her 7th EP. Her last EP was 11 months ago. We can’t wait for HAPPEN!

Source: Star Today