Henry Shares A Shocking Confession On The Set Of “Radio Star”

He tells the host to stop talking

On the November 18 episode of Radio Star, former Super Junior member Henry made an appearance as a guest to promote his new album, “JOURNEY”. It was on the show that Henry talked about a variety of topics, including something he wasn’t too keen on.

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He told the Radio Star studio that for his new album, he “prepared a lot and is ready to show a stage no one has ever seen before”, which naturally excited everyone. However, it wasn’t long before the conversation started to go in a much different direction when one of the hosts, Kim Gura mentioned Henry’s age.

What is your age? You got more mature.

— Kim Gura

To which, a noticeably panicked Henry asks Kim Gura to stop talking about that specific topic.

Please stop…let’s not talk about age please.

— Henry

Henry continues on to explain why he doesn’t want to talk about his age anymore.

I’ve been getting stressed out about my age.

— Henry

He cutely admits the efforts he has been doing in order to combat his “old” age.

I’ve just been pretending to be young these days.

— Henry

Then out of nowhere, Henry makes a shocking reveal about the secrets he uses to seem more youthful.

Today I even did this.

— Henry

When the hosts asked him to clarify what he meant by “this”, Henry surprised everyone with his honest confession. 

To appear young, I sprayed some colored hair powder onto my hair.

— Henry

Hair powder is a commonly used product in Korea, but mostly amongst balding men. It is a dark colored powder that people use to spray onto their hair to cover up any sparseness. It creates an illusion so that one may appear to have a fuller head of hair than they usually do. Henry’s confession could indicate that his hair may be thinning out, which might cause some concern amongst fans. Whatever his reason may be, I think we can all agree that Henry looks good, with or without the hair powder.

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Meanwhile, Henry’s new album “JOURNEY” drops Wednesday, November 18. This will be his first album release in 6 years following the release of his mini album “Fantastic” back in 2014. Be sure to check it out!

Source: Nate and Forbes