Here’s How BTS Jimin’s Singing Style Has Evolved Over The Years

Have you noticed the difference?

BTS‘s Jimin is an amazing singer, and it seems like he just keeps getting better and better!

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In Jimin’s individual interview with Vogue Korea, he explained how his singing style and his approach to singing have changed over the years.

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Although he’s a great singer, Jimin is always looking for ways to improve. He said, “It’s difficult for me to be satisfied with my voice.” 

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He said songs that require a lot of technique “are difficult to nail and hard to sing when performing live.”  As such, he’s started going back to the basics of singing and is trying to develop a more solid foundation for his voice. He said, “I was focusing on having my own unique style before developing a solid foundation. So, I’m going back to the beginning. I’m trying to keep it simple and straightforward.”

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Jimin has a beautiful tenor voice, and he is a master of high notes and falsetto. He’s shown his vocal prowess off in many songs over the years, starting with BTS’s debut song “No More Dream.”

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He hit a series of showstopping high notes in “Let Me Know.”

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More recently, he showed off his ability to sustain notes in his higher register in his solo song “Filter.”

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In every performance, Jimin shows off his unique vocal style. He uses vocal fry and vibrato as stylistic tools, and he loves throwing in ad libs to add a bit of pizazz to every performance!


As Jimin said in his Vogue interview, many of his individual songs and his lines in BTS’s songs are challenging and require lots of technical skill. This is why he has committed himself to studying the basics of singing again. He’s also trying to keep his singing “simple and straightforward” as he improves his voice even more. His parts in BTS’s recent releases “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” are great examples of his new, less embellished singing style.


Jimin said he has been working on vocals with Jungkook while trying to improve his voice. He said, “This process is tough but also enjoyable because I’m able to go over everything with Jung Kook, who’s doing an excellent job as the main vocalist. I’m happy to have these conversations with him and happy to be able to develop and push myself further.”

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While we think Jimin’s voice is already amazing, we’re proud of him for learning more about his craft and developing his skills!

Source: Vogue Korea