Here’s Why Fans Want BTS’s RM To Become President And Make His Own Country


BTS’s RM is known for his sexy brain and musical talent, but most importantly for being the leader of the group BTS. His presence and the way he carries himself can be seen through speeches and interviews and fans have fallen for his aura and want him as their “president.”

Fans have started to appreciate RM more and more as they felt he was “high up” and began saluting whenever they saw RM.

But fans aren’t just doing this out of nowhere as there are actual reasons as to why RM is being called their president. Of course we know his love for books and his mind-blowing charisma on stage, but it is because of his genuine words that have shaken the hearts of fans.

RM’s ending statement to the reporters for an online conference shows just how much he cares and thinks about the people that have continued to help spread the news of the group.

From debut until now, I always felt that reporters and their articles were the bridge to connecting us to the world. Whenever something good happened, we received texts and congrats messages from people because of the articles that the reporters have written. That’s why I am always thankful. I feel that reporters are like our partners that help BTS grow. I am very sad that we had to do our conference through an online live stream.


He apologized to the reporters for not being able to see them in person and expressed how grateful he was for them to attend the online conference.

I apologize for not being able to meet each and every reporter in-person and listen to your questions and answer them for you. Thank you so much for understanding and making time for us. Thank you for your great questions and for your articles. We hope that you continue to take interest in our new song promotions. We hope that you always stay healthy. Thank you.


Even taking look at past interview responses by RM you can see what kind of thoughts he has in his daily life.

We hear you are preparing a new album. What kind of message do you wish to portray this time?

Up until last year, I was all about the keyword of happiness. But not too long ago, I read something in a newspaper column that talked about how we as humans can never reach the amount of happiness that we hope for. Due to genetics, we cannot have happiness forever. Due to people’s desires we were able to advance in technology and science, but as humans we always desire for more. For us, we thought we would happy if we reached first place. But when we hit number one we kept on making more goals that we wanted to reach. I related so much to that article.


He chose to find his own solution to loving himself and used this message to help fans all over the world.

So instead of happiness, I tried to find the solution through the ‘love yourself’ message that we talked about. ‘Love Yourself’ is about finding how to love yourself. My dream isn’t to hit number one on Billboard or to love myself properly. I know it’s something that I cannot reach even if I face my weakness and millions of times. Fortunately, we were able to meet a good concept of ‘Love Yourself’, so I want to try and work towards finding ways to love myself more. With this concept, we can cover darkness and loneliness too.


| Big Hit Entertainment

Looking back on your trainee days, how did you overcome your worries and how far along are you with your dreams?

Humans are programmed to think of ambivalent emotions at the same time. This is the driving force that makes man the king of all things and rulers of other worlds. Being in love and thinking about breaking up or succeeding while thinking about failure and falling is in our DNA. It’s similar to Suga’s thoughts about the shadow. To talk about in more in my perspective, my father worked 25 years at an office and ended up with a ringing in his ears. It only happened when he was stressed or in hard situations.


He reveals that we all go through “shadows” and hardships throughout life and that we need to find things that make us happy so we can get through the tough days.

Everyone goes through these types of worries and shadows and I can’t say that by finding the ambivalent emotion that we can get through this. What I can say is that we all go through loneliness and darkness so we should all try to find something that can give us a place of solace. To me, music was my everything and through it I made good friends and it became my career. So I decided to make friends with my darkness by finding things that gave me happiness. I started to collect figures, or buy clothes that I liked, or strolled different neighborhoods to see how other people lived. By doing this, you can disperse the darkness.


RM, who is also known for his truly moving speeches at award ceremonies, once mentioned Kim Gu, a Korean statesman politician who was the leader of the Korean Independence Movement. He stated, “Kim Gu once said that ‘the only thing that we want is the power of culture’ and it is something that resonates with me today.”

So I want to take this opportunity to thank all the other artists, staff, and the fans who love this culture.


RM not only fulfills his role as the leader of BTS, but also focuses his influence and power to the things that matter the most to the people and the world. Who else is ready to have RM for president?

Source: theqoo