Here’s How Much Wanna One Members Were Paid For Their First Paycheck

YMC Entertainment recently revealed just how much the WANNA ONE members received for their first ever paycheck.

Each member earned a total of 150 million KRW ($134,583 USD), all thanks to the numerous CFs they starred in!

“The 150 million KRW each member earned was from the various advertisements they starred in at the beginning of their debut.”

— YMC Entertainment

They further revealed that this amount was merely what they earned at the start of the debut and that they shot more CFs after.

“There are a lot of CFs the WANNA ONE members starred in after that. This amount doesn’t reflect all the CFs they shot up until now, but is only a portion of the CFs they shot in the beginning of their debut.”

— YMC Entertainment

The WANNA ONE members will be dividing their pay as per their contractual agreement.

Source: Dispatch