Heroic “Red Backpack Girl” responds to praise for saving man from drunk driver

After receiving national attention for saving a bus driver from a drunk driver and helping apprehend the dangerous man, the heroic “Red Backpack Female High School Student” responded to praise on a television interview.

The student, who has been identified as Kim Young Hee, is shown sitting with friends like any ordinary high school student. When prompted by the news station about what she was thinking as she ran to help the bus driver, she stated, “The situation made me think of my father, so I instinctively ran in. If I just continued to watch the situation, it would have been bad if [the bus driver] was injured, right?  I thought he was facing too much danger, so I just ran in first.”

In addition to helping the bus driver, Kim Young Hee also helped police capture the drunk driver by yelling out the car’s license plate. In her interview with Yonhap News, she admitted that she did feel fear during the situation, but it was not in her character to ignore something like that.

Furthermore, her act has been recognized with an official award as well. Superintendent Kim Seok Joon had reasoned on the 23rd that during an emergency sitaution, Kim Young Hee had actively handled and saved someone’s life, and thus received an award certificate through her school’s superintendent on the 24th.

Befitting of her caring personality, the student revealed through her interview that is currently attending Sungsim Medical Service High School and that her dream is to become a nurse.

Source: Interest Index