Statistics Show South Korean Women Are More In Danger Of Hidden Cameras In Their Boyfriend’s Home Compared To In Public Spaces

A 34 year old heir to a company was recently charged for filming 30 girls secretly in his home.

A recent case was reported in the media, where a 34 year old heir to a pharmaceutical company was caught having filmed over 30 victims secretly in his home. He was prosecuted on March 18, 2021 and sentenced to 2 years of jail time. According to reports, he would invite girls over after installing spy cameras all over his house, and film them showering or during sex.

Statistics from the department of female protection show that in the past year alone, there have been 798 reported cases of hidden camera crime taking place in homes. It takes up 13.5% of all hidden camera crimes against women. Within 3 years, the yearly numbers have gone up by about 250 cases from the 556 reported cases in 2017.

| Chosun Ilbo

The current number for cases in homes surpasses that of public spaces. Public waiting areas including that of airport terminals and subway stations are at 758 cases, while subway trains sit at 672. What’s even more shocking to find out, is that out of every 5 cases, 1 is reported to have been carried out by someone the victim knew.

With the perpetrators for 19% of all cases being acquaintances of the victims, 44% of these cases are perpetrated by the victim’s partners and 14% by their friends.

An expert on criminal psychology, Professor Lee Soo Jung has commented that as the cases of hidden cameras carried out in homes are being more heavily exposed in public media, the number of cases will only increase with many seeking to copy the crime.

Can women ever feel safe?

Source: Chosun