Hidden Camera Videos Of Girl Group’s Dressing Room And Home Leaked

The members revealed that they will be taking strong legal actions.

Rookie girl group, Laysha, discovered hidden cameras inside of their company dressing room, home and cars when private videos leaked online.


A post circulated on Facebook, where an anonymous poster uploaded multiple photos and videos of Laysha’s Goeun taken by a hidden camera.


Goeun took to Instagram to express how much the videos has affected her life and the gross crime that was inflicted onto her. She vowed to take strong legal actions against the perpetrator.

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“I’ve been ignoring and putting aside all kinds of malicious comments, rumors, identity theft and everything that gave me stress but now it’s hidden cameras… I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t know when and how they installed small hidden cameras in the company’s dressing room, car, and my home, but they need to be caught.

It’s tiring to hold it in and cry by myself. It’s so hard to keep a hold of my sanity.

I am planning on attacking everything head on.

I will make sure that everyone who gossips about me and those who think they can use me as nothing will get punished by a lawsuit.”

— Goeun


When malicious netizens began speculating that her company or she were the ones to leak the videos for attention, she clarified that her company, manager nor she had anything to do with the crime.

“Some people are asking if it was the manager, but it definitely has no relation to the company. Some are even saying that I’m doing this. I have taken private videos of our lives before but who would be crazy enough to film us while naked in a company dressing room or from that angle to see under my dress.

It wasn’t one of my acquaintances.”

— Goeun


Fellow member Som also stepped up to condemn the culprit and reiterate that the Laysha members will be taking strong legal actions to fight against the leakers.

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“Lifetime hoarder….. What are you going to do with hidden camera images hoarded in your treasure box forever? It’s something anyone can watch without needed an ID or password…? Are you crazy?

Hidden cameras in the members’ home, agency, and car… and it leaked.

I thought these only happen on the news and the internet but to have it happen to us, the first thing I did when I heard of this was cry.

We, the Laysha members, believed that any attention was better than no attention. We even looked over the malicious comments that attacked us as a person. But this is what we get for it?

The four of us have been working hard as Laysha. The exposed leader [Goeun] also worked harder than ever to get us here.

I understand that we work in an industry where we can easily be talked about, but no one has the right to expose our private lives and use it to hurt us.

We won’t be standing by anymore, we’ll be standing with a secure legal team.

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages since I woke up, but I hope if anyone else sees the videos circulating online, please report it. If anyone knows any details about the videos, please report it too.

And to the leaker, I hope you stop spreading the videos and wait for the legal punishment headed your way. Thank you.”

— Som


Their agency has yet to make an official statement but fans have be consoling Goeun and the members with sympathy and support.

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  • “Stay strong queens!! Im so sorry you had to go through this”
  • “this is so sick and twisted I’m so disgusted that somebody could actually do this.. we’re with you girls!! you can win against those gross people who did this to you 💕fighting girls”
  • “i am so sorry this happened to you, but you’re not alone in this! you have all of our support, we’ll get through this.”