Hollywood Actor Spotted Wearing G-Dragon’s Clothes

It’s an exclusive design popularized only by GD.

Hollywood Actor Thomas McDonell once again proved himself to be a big fan of Korean culture and purchased a hat one that is often seen on G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Thomas McDonell is best known for his role as Finn Collins on The 100.

The actor recently posted a photo on his Twitter with the caption, “Do you like my new hat?”

The hat had “SEOUL KOREA ’88 OLYMPICS” written on the front with an embroidery of the mascot Hodori.

The hat is the same design from G-Dragon and Taeyang’s signature hats from “Good Boy”.

The two artists started wearing these hats as a shoutout to their birth year, 1988.

Thomas’s hat design is the same as Taeyang’s signature hat, only on a white background.

Taeyang wearing his 1988 olympics hat.

It holds a special meaning to both G-Dragon and Taeyang as they often wear it out in public.

The hat is also assumed to have high value because it is rare with no known place of original purchase.

The fact that Thomas McDonell purchased a hat with similar designs doesn’t come as a surprise.

Known as the “Korean collector”, Thomas has shown love for the culture and K-Pop quite frequently.

In fact, his Twitter account is proof! He continually tweets in Korean, spreading his support for some of Korea’s most controversial topics.

He shared his support for Korea’s claim on Dokdo island.