Take Hong Jin Young’s Aegyo 101 Crash Course In Case You Ever Need It

Hong Jin Young is an aegyo machine and we love her for it!

Hong Jin Young appeared on the latest episode of My Little Old Boy and charmed the mother guests with her bright, lovely personality… and especially her aegyo!


When host Seo Jang Hoon complimented Hong Jin Young’s personality, stating she is a unique character in the Korean entertainment industry, Hong Jin Young reacted with her signature aegyo.


Hong Jin Young explained she has an amiable side to her personality because she grew up watching her mother’s bright personality captivate her father.

“My mom is really cute when she’s with my dad. My whole life, I’ve seen how she treats her husband. I think I learned it, so it comes naturally.” — Hong Jin Young


Hong Jin Young is indeed well-known for her cute personality. Her charming reactions had the mother guests falling in love!

“I really wanted to meet all of you (mothers)!” — Hong Jin Young


Of course, My Little Old Boy isn’t the only show blessed with Hong Jin Young’s adorable presence. Hong Jin Young is always a bundle of joy wherever she appears!


She is true to herself, unafraid to express who she is and have fun!


If you want to be the Queen of Aegyo just like Hong Jin Young, take a look at her crash course on the most basic looks!

Source: Dispatch