Hong Jin Young Breaks Down In Tears Confessing She Was Once A Failed Idol

On a recent episode of Unnies Slamdunk 2, Hong Jin Young recalled painful memories from when she was a rookie that brought her to tears.

As Hong Jin Young finished filming her performance stage and went back to the waiting room, she and the rest of the Unnies Slamdunk cast sat down for a serious talk. Her fellow members praised her for being professional as she performed even though she was sick and tired.

Kim Sook even brought up the fact that she didn’t want to sing trot. This led to Hong Jin Young reminiscing her past as a rookie.

She first debuted in a girl group called Swan which eventually failed after three months. Her new CEO then recommended her to sing trot, a genre she was not used to singing. However, she went through with the plan and eventually debuted as a trot singer.

Because she was the only trot singer while everybody else was an idol, she felt left out. She claimed that there nobody by her side, causing her feel like a loner. It was hard for her to get comfortable and adapt to her constantly changing environments. Instead of going to the waiting room, she would sit in the car.

Since she had failed with her first girl group, she was already suffering from hardships. Many people on the internet began writing hate comments about her and her failed group. Because of that, her confidence dropped, and she felt as if she didn’t belong anywhere.

She tried hard to make it to the top but only received negative feedback. On television, she would seem cheerful and happy as if she didn’t have any problems, but she would often go home and cry.

Because of her strong desire to become a singer, she kept on going despite the hardships. Thanks to her determination, she was able to get this far and become a successful singer.

Hong Jin Young released her new song “Loves me, Loves me not” as part of the OST for the action-thriller movie Fabricated City.

Check out Hong Jin Young’s performance of “Loves me, Loves me not” below!

Source: Dispatch