Hong Kong Protestors Demand Boycott Of Mulan After The Actress Expressed Her Support For The Police

“#BoycottMulan” quickly went viral.

Liu Yifei, the Chinese-born actress who’ll be portraying the role of Mulan in the upcoming live-action remake, expressed her support for the police in the middle of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.


She posted onto Weibo, claiming, “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now What a shame for Hong Kong.


Although many of her followers from mainland China supported her statement, many people from all over the world immediately began circulating the hashtag “#BoycottMulan” after her statement.


But Liu Yifei isn’t the only famous celebrity to speak out their support for the police. EXO‘s Lay, GOT7‘s Jackson, Victoria, WayV members, and many more K-Pop idols have also voiced their support for the “One China Policy”.


Legendary martial arts actor Jackie Chan has also called for peace in Hong Kong, where he stated, “I feel the pride of being a Chinese everywhere. The five-starred red flag is respected everywhere.


Hong Kong has recently erupted in massive protests against the government about an extradition bill that could place Hong Kong citizens and visitors under mainland Chinese jurisdiction. The protestors claim that the bill would undermind the autonomy of the region, while the mainland government claims Hong Kong and Taiwan are a part of mainland China.


As the protests continue to grow, some outbursts have gotten violent as the police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and more to contain the protestors.


Many K-Pop idols, such as Kang Daniel and GOT7, have postponed their fan meetings and concerts in Hong Kong for the safety of the artists, staff, and fans.


The live-action remake of “Mulan” is set to premiere in the Spring of 2020.

Source: CNN