H.O.T. Jang Woohyuk And Production Agency Faces Lawsuit For Trademark Infringement

They are being sued for using the H.O.T. trademark and logo.

H.O.T.’s Jang Woohyuk and the production agency for H.O.T.’s concert, Salt Innovation, have been sued for trademark infringement.


The person who possesses the trademark, “A”, is known to be a former employee of SM Entertainment. “A” had recently submitted a petition requesting compensation for damages in relation to the profits from H.O.T.’s concert and banning Jang Woohyuk and Salt Innovation from using the trademark and logo in future performances. “A” also filed a lawsuit against H.O.T. for using the H.O.T. trademark and logo.


Salt Innovation has stated that they are currently checking the facts and expressed that they could not understand the actions of “A”.

“We are currently confirming the related facts. We cannot understand why ‘A’ proposed this issue. In particular, we cannot understand why ‘A’ has filed a lawsuit against only Jang Woohyuk among the other H.O.T. members.”

ㅡ Salt Innovation


In response to the statement, “A” gave an explanation through the lawyer in charge:

“A holds the rights for the H.O.T. trademark and logo. But H.O.T. used the trademark and logo in various ways in their concert without having completed thorough negotiations. We have filed a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for damages in relation to this issue and to prevent them from using it in the future.”

ㅡ A’s lawyer


Moreover, the lawyer gave an explanation as to why Jang Woohyuk was the only member that was being sued.

“Jang Woohyuk not only participated in planning the event with the production agency, he also called A to discuss the use of the trademark and logo. Based on this information, we can say that Jang Woohyuk actively plotted with the production agency to use the trademark and logo without consent.”

ㅡ A’s lawyer


Meanwhile, H.O.T. had previously held their first concert in 17 years at the Sports Complex in Jamsil, Seoul on October 13 and 14. After news of the concert was released, “A” took legal measures and demanded royalties for the H.O.T. trademark. Both sides even met in order to negotiate but they eventually could not reach an agreement and H.O.T.’s performance was held under the name “High-five of Teenagers”.

Source: Osen