Hwasa and Kai’s Stylists Explain Their Choice Of “Provocative” Outfits For Gayo Daejun

Their stylists revealed a special behind the scenes story.

At the 2018 Gayo Daejun, Hwasa emerged wearing a black corset, hot pants and gartered stockings which received criticisms for the appropriateness of her lingerie-inspired concept. 


The stylist, however, explained that the outfit was actually a costume wore by the artists at their concert but simply changed the color and made it into a black version to show fans who weren’t able to come and see them. 

“It was the outfit that we made after discussing together for her concert. We wanted to show it to the people who couldn’t make it to the concert. So with that in mind, we changed the color and tried it out.”

— Kim Bo Na, MAMAMOO’s Stylist


Kai also had the same response when he appeared with EXO for their “Love Shot” performance with a black blazer and black cropped top. 


His stylist made a surprisingly confession that he was originally supposed to have a shirt underneath but they decided to take it off to make him look sexier!

“Honestly, there was originally a shirt underneath. How should I say this? He just looked sexier without it so we took it off.”

— Lee Ah Ran, EXO Stylist


She also revealed that Kai agreed with the outfit because he is always open to experimenting with new styles.

“He wore crop tees before, and Kai likes to challenge new experiments.”

— Lee Ah Ran, EXO Stylist


The outfits may have gotten mixed reactions, but there are no doubts that these idols looked sexier than ever in these special outfits!

Source: Herald