Hyomin Shares Deeply Offensive Messages Netizens Sent Her And Responds

“T-ARA are all sluts, they get passed around by old men in Japan…”

Hyomin recently took to her Instagram to show the world some of the vile and offensive comments she receives on a daily basis.

The netizens leaving these comments certainly weren’t holding back their blind hatred for Hyomin.

What’s this? You guys are still celebrities? You have a lot of guts.

– Netizen

T-ARA are all sluts. They get passed around by old men in Japan. Don’t believe celebrities.

– Netizen

Explosive character. Not sure if she has celebrity disease, but she’s trying to worm her way back in. Her plastic surgery makes her look like a villian in a soap opera. You can’t hide the evil in your eyes no matter how you try to act.

– Netizen

It’s the international prostitute.

– Netizen

In the post’s caption, Hyomin responded to these dreadful comments.

I usually look at all the comments so I can find at least one good one. I try to laugh off the negative comments, but I’m a person too. I can’t do anything about the fact that I feel disappointed and hurt. Besides myself, malicious comments leave lots of people in pain. I think if you looked on me kindly with more tolerance I couldn’t ask for more. Of course, I’ll be doing my best as well.

– Hyomin