Actor Hyun Bin’s Label Warns Fans About Fake Accounts Requesting Money

Please be careful when speaking to other accounts online.

Actor Hyun Bin‘s label, VAST Entertainment, recently warned fans of fake social media accounts that are impersonating Hyun Bin.

| @vast.ent/Instagram

Today they uploaded a notice in both Korean and English on their Instagram.

We have been receiving reports about persons who impersonate our name or our artists’ names. We are not operating any accounts other than the official account listed below. Hyun Bin also does not own any social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

In any case, we do not make monetary propositions or requests to any individual. We ask our fans to take special care of the above and protect yourselves from the impersonators

We, too, will do our best to continuously monitor the accounts to prevent further damages. We would like to ask you for continued interest and support for VAST Entertainment and its artists. Thank You.

—VAST Entertainment

| @vast.ent/Instagram

Supposedly various SNS accounts have been impersonating Hyun bin and asking for money for various things. The company is doing what it can to get rid of these accounts but they warn fans to only trust the one account they posted the notice from: @vast.ent.

Source: Star Today and @vast.ent