DAWN Endearingly Keeps HyunA Safe At The LOEWE Fashion Show, But Fans Are Frustrated That The Gesture Was Even Necessary

It was cute but…

HyunA and DAWN recently attended the LOEWE Fashion Show in Paris, France.

DAWN and HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

As always, the two impressed fans with their styling and confidence.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The stylish couple was undoubtedly the main event.

As HyunA and DAWN always show their love and affection for one another…

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Fans weren’t surprised that DAWN adorably kept HyunA safe as they walked through the crowds at the LOEWE Fashion Show.

But even though the gesture was sweet, fans pointed out that people need to learn to respect celebrities’ privacy, so their safety is never a concern.

Especially since HyunA looked incredibly uncomfortable walking through the crowd.

Still, fans were touched by DAWN’s adorable way of ensuring HyunA’s safety.

And were also grateful for the bodyguards who helped keep both idols safe.

Hopefully, fans will learn to start giving idols space, so incidents like these don’t keep happening.

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