Former iKON Member B.I Reportedly Making Music Again

He is rumored to be “doing well”.

Updates on iKON‘s former leader B.I have finally circulated!

Jeff Benjamin
, a Billboard K-Pop columnist who frequently posts spoilers on his Twitter account, revealed that B.I is “doing well”.

Only a few hours later, one of B.I’s main fan accounts in China, Hanbinbar, updated fellow fans that he received their late birthday gift of new recording equipment.

They gave B.I. a late birthday present.

He apparently used the gift to produce music again, as the fanclub shared how he damaged it “in the process of making music”.

B.I personally contacted the equipment dealer who gave him a new model in return.

The fanclub shared how B.I. broke the “recording equipment” while making music.

iKONICS were understandably excited at the updates.

They laughed at how ironic it was that they happy B.I broke the expensive gift since it meant he is working again.

The two updates were big deals to fans, and they couldn’t be happier.

B.I left iKON on June 2019 following his drug scandal. He was iKON’s leader, rapper, and producer.

B.I Admits He Wanted To Use Drugs, Withdraws From iKON

This is the first real update about his post-idol life.