iKON Under Fire For “Homophobic” Behaviors During Reality Show

Netizens are demanding an apology.

Past video footage of iKON playing a game backstage went viral as netizens claimed that their actions were “homophobic” and “rude”.


In the video, the members are playing a game where they call someone over the phone and try to get them to say a specific word. In this round, B.I had to get his mom to say “heol”, loosely meaning ‘wow’ in Korean.

When Donghyuk suggested that he tell her something shocking, B.I jokingly told his mom that he liked men.

“Mom… I actually like men.”

— B.I


As soon as he told his mother, the members burst into laughter.


Bobby then told him to change the topic to something else, while the production team added in comments about the news being unstable for his mom.

In the end, B.I’s mom didn’t say the right word, leading to him losing the game.


After this footage was originally posted up by a fan, many condemned iKON’s behavior as “homophobic” and “wrong”.

“So iKON are homophobes,,, I’m not even an ounce surprised,,,” — @xxyy718


However, other netizens and fans defended iKON by emphasizing that the video was from a long time ago, and that the members had no ill intentions.


Netizens are demanding that iKON apologize for their actions, but iKON and YG Entertainment has yet to release any statements about the matter.