iKON’s Concert In Jakarta Was Over Packed So Fans Without Tickets Did This

iKONICs never fail to impress the members!

A touching moment was revealed to the public after this Instagram update was posted by YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk at iKON’s concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. 


iKON met their fans at the Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta on November 18 as part of their 2018 Continue Tour. The concert was sold out leaving a persistent demand from fans to either book a bigger venue or add more concert dates. 


Such was not the case but it seems like fans who weren’t able to get tickets found another way to support the concert. By staying outside the venue and cheering all throughout the performance!


The gesture was not missed with Yang Hyun Suk posting this caption on his post, “Thanks to Jakarta. Touched by those fans who sang along outside the venue~ let’s meet again.” 


It was even a hit from fellow fans online as they expressed their support for such touching move. 


Here’s to hoping for a bigger move on iKON’s next concert!