iKON ranks 1st with “Dumb&Dumber” on M! Countdown + performances by Stellar, Teen Top, and more

Shin Hye Sung and iKON were up for this week’s #1 chart placing on Mnet M! Countdown.

Aired on January 21st, iKON’s current leading track “Dumb&Dumber” was up against Shin Hye Sung’s comeback solo track “Roco Drama.” The power rookie group takes the win this week with 9,499 points over a close 8,383 points!

Performers for the night also included Dalshabet, Lucky J, Shin Hye Sung, iKON, TEEN TOP, Nop.K, LABOUM, Road Boyz, B.I.G, Stellar, I.C.E, GIRLS GIRLS, CANDO, CoCoSoRi, Cross Gene, Purfles, and Flashe.

LABOUM – Aalow Aalow

Cross Gene – Noona You

Stellar – Sting

Dalshabet – Someone Like U

Teen Top – Please Don’t Go + Warning Sign

Shin Hye Sung – Roco Drama

iKON – Apology + DUMB&DUMBER