iKON Reveals The Piece Advice That G-Dragon Told Them, That Has Last Forever

BIGBANG always looks out for their labelmates

iKON have been one of the most successful K-Pop groups in Japan, being the fastest group to hold a dome tour in Japan since debut.

However, before all their success since debut, iKON were trainees at YG Entertainment who were working hard to commit towards their debut. Their long struggle was well-documented on the debut survival show as they competed as Team B on Win: Who Is Next.

But thankfully, Team B was put under the guidance of none other than G-Dragon.

At their Japanese fan meeting, iKON comfortably engaged and interacted with fans, revealing more of their personalities and their inspirations.

As a game, one member had to ask a question and the other members had to try to guess correctly. Yunhyeong asked if any of the other members knew what G-Dragon had told him that left a deep impression on him.

The other members joked that it was something else that G-Dragon had told iKON.

Doing your best to dance on stage is not 100%.

— G-Dragon

Certainly, many artists from YG Entertainment don’t simply follow the choreography; they use the dance moves to feel the song and enhance their stage presence.

However, Yunhyeong revealed that this was not the right answer, but something else that G-Dragon had told him left a strong impression on him.

Don’t only just focus on your abilities, but never forget the beginner’s spirit.

— G-Dragon

While idols often are encouraged to improve on themselves since debut, they may lose the energy and excitement they felt during debut.

Even though G-Dragon has debuted almost 15 years ago, it is clear that he never forgot what it felt like to perform for the first time as a rookie.

This shows through in his performances where his energetic performances and outgoing stage persona continues to captivate audiences all these years.

It is clear that iKON and their fellow YG Entertainment groups continue to uphold their reputation of fantastic performances. And it is clear that throughout their idol careers, YG Entertainment groups never lost the vigor they had at debut.